"This concept of in-home care during the new, wonderful, yet tiring and often overwhelming time in a mother and newborn’s lives is such a gift."

"There is a void in the U.S. for mothers postpartum. Providing moms the opportunity to stay home after delivering a baby is such an immense help. If I had had this care after a c-section with my first baby, my experience would have been vastly different."

"I lost a lot of blood after my delivery which took a lot of recovering. I was pretty much immobile the first few weeks postpartum, confined to bed and barely able to make it to the bathroom. There was absolutely no way I would have been able to get myself up to travel all the way the hospital for the initial pediatrician check ups.Having the doctor come to our home was so wonderful. "

"Most other countries in the world have such a support system; why don’t we? Moms can better care for their babies when they are cared for too."

"I applaud what Tova Health is doing and hope many more families benefit from this wonderful service."

“This return to family home postnatal care is one of the easiest and most enjoyable medical experiences I’ve ever had."

"The expertise and casual nature of the doctor visits kept us so relaxed. We loved the ritual of having our doctor over.” 

“This helps preserve your (and your baby’s) mental and physical health, especially during the first few weeks postpartum. After you have a baby you both should be at home resting and recuperating. Your body needs to heal and should not be subjected to the physical stress it takes to get out and about. Keep in mind your pediatric visits will be frequent, especially during the first few weeks, which can really take its toll. This is the beauty of tova health because the comes to you! You and your baby are seen in the comfortable and healthy environment of your own home- which you will find after having a new baby, is a really wonderful thing." 

“It is all too common today for medical practitioners to provide care in a detached and one size fits all manner, so tova health’s personalized approach to caring for newborns and new parents is a welcome exception."

"Having the doctor visit us in our home saved us multiple trips to the doctor’s office after one of the most physically and mentally draining experiences of our lives, and was definitely a godsend."

"We were delighted to have such a personalized and pleasurable caregiving experience for our growing family." 

“Home care and the quality of Tova Health is what all new mothers should expect and receive from their medical provider."

"After a stressful labor and delivery- during which the stress was compounded by a revolving door of doctors and nurses- having a direct line of communication with our physician provided a much needed stabilization as we transitioned into parenthood."