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fourth trimester newborn + maternal healthcare at home

home based care

All of our visits are done in the home. This allows families to recover, bond, and feed their baby at home. Since the newborn’s immune system is unique, it is particularly helpful to decrease illness exposure to keep the emerging microbiome of the baby healthy and strong.

comprehensive pediatric care

We provide complete newborn care which includes close monitoring of the baby’s growth + development, milestones, and any issues or medical concerns that arise. We lend a baby scale to each family to follow how the baby is growing. We are a comprehensive medical practice that offers labs, tests, vaccines + referrals to our families.

support for the mother

The fourth trimester is an intense life moment for the mother. We provide breastfeeding support and guidance. We check-in on postpartum mood and general wellness at each visit. We are family medicine providers trained in women’s health, so we are able to prescribe and treat fourth trimester issues for the mother.

holistic approach

Our practice is enhanced with a holistic approach to care. The fourth trimester is a particularly rich moment for embracing different cultural traditions! We love to bring to families recipes and natural remedies for the fourth trimester from many wisdoms from around the world.


We believe in community! We offer gatherings and online group forums to bring families together.

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