There are usually around 4 home visits during the fourth trimester. This is the same number of visits that you would have if you were going to a standard pediatrician’s office. If medical issues arise or the family wants or needs more time with the providers, we can schedule more visits. But typically, there are about 4-5 home visits.

Does Tova health accept insurance plans? 

Yes! We accept most insurance plans. We bill using standard medical codes. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about your insurance plan and coverage. We are happy to help! 

how is this care unique?

In addition to the home visits and integrative approach, we are a practice specifically designed for this life moment. So for example, we lend a baby scale to each family during the first week or so of life, when it is important to be monitoring how the baby is feeding and growing. This way, together, we can make sure things are going well and we can adjust the feeding plan if we need to.

WHat happens if we need to schedule a sick visit for our baby?

We have regular office hours very much like any doctor’s office. We are reachable by phone and by email every day. We keep appointments available for new baby visits and/or if a family needs to schedule a follow up or sick visit appointment.

Does Tova Health offer referrals, orders, vaccines, and labs? 

Yes! Tova health is a comprehensive medical practice. We order labs, offer vaccines, make and coordinate referrals as needed.

HOW DOES THE transition of care happen when the fourth trimester is finishing up?

As we are getting close to the end of the fourth trimester, we will fax all of the visit notes, the birth paperwork, and anything else medically relevant to the pediatrician that will be taking over the care of the baby. We follow the standard protocol that is done when someone is moving from one doctor’s office to another. Typically, at the one month visit, we will chat in detail about this transition of care, and we can help recommend and guide families to excellent local doctors in the area.

DO families follow up with their OBGyn providers or MIDWIVES?

Yes. We absolutely recommend following up with your birth team as it is scheduled. We complement each others care very well. We check in on both baby and mom at each visit and address issues as they arise. While there are some issues related to the birth that are best addressed by the birthing team, we can treat many important fourth trimester issues such as milk supply concerns, breast infections, or postpartum mood concerns.

can we stay in touch once the we are done with the fourth trimester?

Yes! We have community gatherings and events for all tova families— current and graduated! This is a great way to stay in touch and connect with other families in the area.

Any other questions?

Feel free to reach out with any questions! We are happy to chat. Email us at info@tovahealth.com or call us at 617.855.8286.